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Research, write, research, write and on and on!

As the headline suggests, I’ve been busy researching and writing my new novel, The Doll Maker, which is why I have been tardy as of late, keeping my social networks full with posts and updates!

My writing process is probably different than other writers who do their research up front and then write the book. I like the surprise element, which is why I research to a point and then write until the story requires more research to move forward. For me, I think this process keeps the story a surprise as to where the characters are going in regard to events and situations.

It’s more work to do it this way, because I may have to go back and rewrite certain parts, or whole chapters, if the new research sways the storyline. However, I find this process enhances the story by offering new ideas I may have not considered if I had just completed all the research and then wrote the book.

I’ll have new excerpts from The Doll Maker up shortly on my website. Stay tuned!

Erndell Scott

#writing #thedollmaker

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