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Every day I receive emails from readers from all over the world sharing their wonderful thoughts about the journey they go on when they read my new novel, Paper Boats. I’m very humbled people are enjoying the experience. Many readers compliment the unique writing style and voice of storytelling and how it sweeps them off their feet and takes them somewhere unknown, somewhere unexpected emotionally. It’s especially fun to get emails in different languages, but no matter, the sentiments are similar.

I’ve been working hard on my next book, The Doll Maker and a few of my short stories. One of the great things to come of my new adventure into the literary world is the help from a very established and known author. This author enjoyed Paper Boats and could see the potential in where I was going and what I was setting out to achieve in pushing the historical fiction genre.

We are building upon my theatrical, drama and movie style of writing that many of my readers and critics have acknowledged, which is not the traditional voice of the historical fiction genre. It gives me strength and confidence knowing I have such a mentor’s counsel to help guide my craft.

For those who can dismiss reality and are open to new voices in writing, you will be excited about The Doll Maker! It’s a new journey with new emotions!

We are also solidifying our book tour schedule for the East coast this summer with perhaps a few stops out west. Visit my website at or check us out on Facebook to learn more and to keep up with events and happenings. We currently have a book giveaway Goodreads going on now with a few surprises coming up later this summer.

I can’t thank my readers enough for their support and good graces. It means the world to me.


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