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Victory in Europe Day

It’s sad to say, but for most people World War II VE Day is all but forgotten – perhaps even meaningless. VE Day, for those that do not know, means Victory in Europe. Sure, some online networks and few newspapers will have a small article about it, but most people and media outlets skim right over it or pass it up altogether.

Now, I should clarify because from my observation this only pertains to the United States. The English, French and most European countries, whose soil was desecrated during the war, hold huge celebrations in salute to those that fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy daily.

Okay, I shouldn’t lump everybody in the United States into the “I don’t care basket,” but it sure seems that way. True, we have Memorial Day where we salute our veterans who fought for our freedom in all foreign wars. And we celebrate the Fourth of July, the day in which we procured our Independence from British rule. All very important days, but I think we should look at VE Day differently in relevance to the world today.

For me, VE Day is a day in which the world came together to defeat the most evil of powers disrupting world order. My point here is that the WORLD united. I read the Newspaper daily and that bond does not exist anymore. Our entire planet doesn’t get along with each other. There’s a new holocaust happening right under our noses created by people more destructive and fanatical than ever and they continue to grow. Where is the courage and resolve of our world leaders?

We need to come together once again. If three of the most unlikely of people, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt can do it, then our leaders today can do it. In regard to our country, let us hope this November our newly elected leader of the free world has the initiative, capability and the power to do just that – unite the world as one. Time will tell.

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