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New Goodreads Review!

Goodreads and Amazon reviewers continue to share their experiences reading Paper Boats, my breakout historical fiction adventure novel. This week, I received a new review from someone who loved the book on Goodreads and rated it 5 stars. It is this type of response from readers that motivates me to continue writing and creating original work. If you haven't already, please share your own review of Paper Boats - positive or negative, I enjoy getting the feedback!

Here is the latest positive review on Goodreads from Steve in Boca Raton, Florida, he writes:

"Rarely am I moved enough to write a review on a book I’ve read. Paper Boats by Erndell Scott is the exception.

The book takes place in war torn Germany during the final days of WWII. It follows two young boys, Otto and Joseph. One a Hitler youth and the other a Jewish boy, torn from his family and pressed into service as a courier for the German army.

This is ultimately a story of a friendship that develops between these young boys, but the circumstances as to how these two become friends is a long and event filled journey… and one that the reader is privileged to be a part of. Our history books tell us of WWII. We know the countries that were involved, we know of the leaders, the ideologies and the atrocities. Paper Boats, however, gives insight as to how the horror of war affected the people living in the midst of it, but especially the children. Joseph and Otto came from different faiths, different neighborhoods, different social classes. They were each instilled with different belief systems. The war taught them that each was each other’s enemy. But fate placed them in a situation where each needed the other to survive. If they were to survive the war’s final days, they needed to more than trust each other… they needed to love each other.

I won’t ruin the book for those who have not yet read it, but Paper Boats is a thoughtfully told story. It’s an epic journey that tugs at your heart. You will learn to know and love the characters; cheering for their triumphs, mourning at their losses and praying for their ultimate survival. This book demonstrates how blind hatred and misguided ideology can ruin nations, but that tolerance and understanding can heal.

Paper Boats was a book I had a hard time putting down. I fell in love with Otto and Joseph and felt badly when heavy eyelids forced me to leave them each night; me in my comfortable bed, while they suffered, cold and shivering. I couldn't wait to join them again at the end of each day to be with them in spirit, accompanying them on their journey. I felt a part of it all. Brilliant storytelling."

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