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An "Equal" to Paper Boats

I continue to write and rewrite my next novel, The Doll Maker, which is a companion book to my newly released novel, Paper Boats. I say companion because this book follows one of the characters on their journey at the same time Otto, from Paper Boats, is on his. It’s not a prequel, or even a sequel. I guess that makes it an “equal."

While I’m proud of Paper Boats, it being my first effort, The Doll Maker will be much different, which should be expected as I’m a better writer (I believe) and the story is about a much different character than Otto. However, the storytelling will be just as theatrical, drama-filled and emotional as Paper Boats (read unedited excepts of The Doll Maker).

When not consumed with writing, I’m busy marketing and expanding the audience of readers for Paper Boats. The challenges are many, but I have no worries or excuses. I just keep plugging away and working hard. Okay, Game of Thrones, Season Six just started, so maybe that’s considered a challenge. Heck, I’m calling watching it as an hour of “research." Yes, that works for me.

A new writer asked me about what the rewards were for me being a new writer myself. I find great joy receiving warm wishes and heartfelt reviews for Paper Boats from readers and other writers. For me, they are the most important, and knowing I can add richness to even one person’s life with my work is rewarding enough.

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