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I received an inspirational email from a fellow author who extended to me his supportive words of encouragement and good-cheer. I love those kinds of emails!

This writer had read Paper Boats and was impressed by the “unorthodox” writing and unique “flavor” (his words) in how I tackled my novel in regard to a historical fiction piece of work. He went on to say it expanded the traditional and typical way of handling this genre and that he was happy to see someone pushing the boundaries.

This email could not have come at a better time because that’s what I set out to do! I am humbled people are enjoying the book and “get it."

In advertising, we never worried about the rules or the naysayers. We just went ahead and did what we believed in. We took risks and helped others accept it. It wasn’t always successful, but it always jarred the status quo just enough to allow us to push further, which I thrive on. I’m not one for regurgitating the norm and offering it up. There’s plenty of that on television, the big screen, the Internet and the book shelves.

I keep this author’s words close to my heart and spinning in my mind as I continue to work on The Doll Maker. This book will be quite different than Paper Boats. Granted, it will be a more mature effort, but I won’t let up on pushing the boundaries of the historical fiction genre, in an effort to crafting something innovative, aspiring and provocative for my readers.

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