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Friday is supposed to be for sharing what book I’m reading, but I’m in the zone writing my new novel, The Doll Maker, and haven’t had much time to do much else.

Now I say I’m writing, but what often happens my silly kitty cat wants to sit right on top of me and hang out. It’s taxing enough to write without having to give attention to the cat. I must say, she does create a warm lap on this cold, drizzly spring day, so in regard to that her companionship is delightfully welcome.

The real issue is that I start talking to the cat asking her questions about what I’m writing, as if she can understand me. Of course she doesn’t answer me but I keep on asking questions acting as if what I’m doing is normal.

That’s about the extent of my day – back and forth with a cat. So be it.

On another note, I’m enjoying the emails from readers who are sharing their positive feedback and excitement surrounding my new novel, Paper Boats. It’s always heartfelt to me when a reader writes how they cried along with Otto, the main character in the book, or they tell me that they’ve learned something new about this time in history that they never knew before. It brings a smile to my face knowing I added perhaps a bit of happiness or learning to someone’s life.

So to all my readers, thank you for your support.


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