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How To: Paper Boats

A reader asked me about the metaphorical significance of the paper boats in my breakout novel, ‘Paper Boats.' Without revealing anything as far as the plot is concerned, I can certainly share their importance. The paper boats that Otto and Annie (two main characters in the book) played with represent the idea of acceptance, a major theme in the book. A simple folded piece of paper brought both children together, Otto, an innocent, playful little boy and Annie, a precocious, astute little girl. The paper boats brought out their human sides and swept away differences of what it is to be a girl and a boy. Further into Otto’s harrowing journey as he struggles to survive the horrors of World War II, he remembers often his days playing with their paper boats, which acts a constant reminder to find the good in people, to never give up hope and to never lose sight of a joyful, happy world.

I used to make paper boats when I was a child. We would float them down a small creek near my house and have races. I think I had more fun decorating them with my crayons than the actual race itself, as I can't remember having won any!

Children don’t make such things as paper boats any more since the invention of video games. Funny that I remember when the first video game did come out. My mom never let me have one. So, I kept making paper boats. I’m glad she said no. So moms and dads, I encourage you to get some paper and watch the video link below. Float them in your tub if you don’t have a creek! I suspect you’ll have lots of fun!

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