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#FridayReads: Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

As many of my readers and fans may have guessed, I read books of all types, non-fiction, fiction, genre, crime, science fiction, etc. For me, as a writer, I receive inspiration from all forms of writing, and really, all forms of art. It keeps me fresh, relevant and way ahead of trends!

This week I’ve chosen to read, Salt to the Sea, by Ruta Sepetys. Most readers know of her work and I’m no exception.

What I fancy about her writing, specifically in regard to, Salt to the Sea, is how she infuses what seem to be fictional representations into realities of truth and historic events. She does so with such dexterity and smoothness creating a wonderful experience. Now, as a historical fiction novelist having just launched my novel, Paper Boats, I can tell you that is no easy feat. There are many authors who for me just don’t marry truth and fiction well, warping the truths in sake of a “good story”. You must respect and uphold the responsibility of telling historic events and take them to heart. However, you can’t rely on the historic event by itself to be interesting no matter how exciting it may seem, therefore, the story is very important. See why it’s hard to do? You have to have both.

I also respect she has chosen to create a work (of mostly) an unknown event, which for me furthers my intrigue of history. So if you are a history buff, this novel will not disappoint, giving the reader another glimpse into a very dark time in our world.

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