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Theme of Acceptance

The overall theme in my novel, Paper Boats, is the idea of acceptance. It’s a topic I’m passionate about and one I explain in further detail when I give talks and speeches.

Look around us in our world today; tolerance is shattering as it always has in history, which leads to actions usually in the form of violence. I don’t need to rattle off the places in the world this is happening. It’s written all over the newspaper and on television.

So what’s the alternative? It’s acceptance. Now I don’t mean some hippy dippy philosophy of let’s join hands together and pass out free love. I’m a bit more of a pragmatist. And I’m not saying we shouldn’t protect our interests and beliefs. But what if we just opened our minds a few clicks to see things in a different way? I subscribe to the idea of “180 degree thinking”, simply, put yourself on the other side of the conversation. When you do that, and I mean really do that, you tend to find a common ground. As far as relationships are concerned, no matter what you fancy, acceptance lays down groundwork to look deeper into people, therefore, perhaps finding love, either romantic or friendly.

In my novel, Paper Boats, Otto and Joseph, the two main characters, battle with the idea of acceptance. All along their journey they struggle to either fight it or relent. However, in their circumstance, they are forced to confront it. It’s their only way to survive.

I think that’s exactly where we are at this moment today. Our own survival is being challenged. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to be forced to learn it? Open your mind and your heart will follow. It makes life so much more enjoyable and fulfilling.

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