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Read Across America

Today is Read Across America and Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. When I was young my mother would read Green Eggs and Ham to me at bedtime. Along with the whimsical illustrations, Dr. Seuss’s language and the worlds he created were such a great joy to me. The way he made learning and approached societal issues with entertainment and fun was pure brilliance.

In celebration, I'm reading The Sneetches. This short story is a bold reminder of the havoc that discrimination can cause and the joy that lies in setting it aside to embrace our differences.

Paper Boats my new breakout novel, is also a story about overcoming discrimination and accepting others' differences against all odds. When we put aside our differences and act as humans first, we learn we are the same, which helps us to cherish our similarities and to embrace the differences. Practicing acceptance, life becomes fuller, richer and happier.

Follow my character, Otto, as he and his companions search for and learn acceptance in my new breakout novel, Paper Books. Order today on

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