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'Paper Boats' on Amazon Kindle Now Available!

Paper Boats finally available ebook readers! Paper Boats for your Kindle or tablet has launched on! The exciting part for the reader is that the ebook has lots of additional content. Besides the author’s bio, there are fourteen interesting book club topics for discussion that are sure to get the conversation going. Lastly, there are sixteen questions and answers with the author that will shed light on the characters and themes of the book, with further discussion relevant in today’s world.

Set in the desperate turmoil of Germany during the final chapter of World War II, Paper Boats is an emotionally inspiring, fast-paced experiential read, examining the inevitable crossing of ideology, prejudice and faith amongst the chaos of a decimated post-war culture. As each character strives to find their own safety from enemies and persecution, two nine-year-old boys, Otto and Joseph, the most unlikely of partners with different faiths and beliefs, find themselves saviors for one another. Companions cast in deep personal conflict and entangled on an unforgiving journey, they become bound to each other, forever changing their individual perceptions of mankind, and unbeknownst to them, their very own hearts.

The theme of this novel challenges the ideology of tolerance with the belief that in time it decays and builds resentment, which eventually leads to violence. Only through the true acceptance of one another can we as a society find peace and harmony.

As on of my reviewers put it, “You will laugh and you will cry, sometimes at the same time.”

Please remember that proceeds from the Paper Boats ebook goes to Together We Rise, a national charity I am partnering with. Together We Rise helps and supports homeless and parentless children. They are a great, well-respected group and the work they are doing is making a huge difference in the lives of children in foster care.

I am scheduling book signing and speaking engagements now. Follow me on Facebook or go to my website,, for the latest events and more info.

Order Paper Boats on today!

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