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The Doll Maker

The Television is off and my computer is on. That means I’m writing. A long walk across the fields of my farm has given me lots of ideas, and I’m now getting them down before I forget. Because believe me, I will.

I’m working on my next novel, 'The Doll Maker,' a story about Annie, one of the characters in 'Paper Boats.' In this book, we follow Annie on her journey, which happens at the exact time Otto is on his. It will have all the twists and turns of Paper boats but on a much different emotional level, as it will be written from the perspective and voice of a little girl. I’ll post excerpts on my website, and provide status updates on my Facebook page.

As always, I am most appreciative and humbled from everybody who has reached out and shared their excitement from having read 'Paper Boats.' I can’t thank you enough!

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