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Writing Tip: Never Stop Writing

While I have been writing for many, many years, I still consider myself new to the industry. There was a time when I had to have complete silence around me to write. Not even a piece of dust could hit the ground, because I would hear it and it would ruin my thoughts. It was very frustrating but after about six months that all went away.

For starters, in my pressed world it just wasn’t realistic. Something always interrupted. I read an article about how Tiger Wood’s father would blast loud music and throw things at him while he was putting to help him focus on his tasks and to train his mind to clear the distractions he surely was to face during tournaments. It’s quite brilliant, and I did the same. And you know what? It works! Today, I could write with a hurricane rolling through my farm and I’d never know it. I can write anywhere, anytime, standing up or upside down, on a plane with crying babies, taking a shower, anywhere.

Now that doesn’t always mean it’s good writing. But that’s not the point. I’m trying to just get words down. Then I go back and smooth the thoughts out and connect the characters to the storyline. It is here where I need quiet and the perfect time of day. That’s usually first thing in the morning and then later at night. During the day I go back to my manic writing style of just trying to get the words down.

The last thing I learned about writing and how to have time to do it every day is to throw your television set out the window. You’ll be amazed at how much time you’ll have then.

Good luck and don’t ever stop writing.

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