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I have been flirting with an idea for a sequel to Paper Boats for some time now, about three years after beginning Otto’s story. One of my good fans called me the other day and wondered if I had ever thought about writing the book from Annie's (A character in Paper Boats) perspective. I pondered the idea for a spell and soon became mad I had not thought of it. Never underestimate the influence of your audience. It’s a great idea but it isn’t really a sequel. It’s not even a prequel. It’s kind of an “equel”, which isn’t a word. But since her story takes place at the same time Otto’s does, it’s a logical name. I think writing her story would add greater depth and understanding of a very emotional journey experienced by those that have read Paper Boats. Convinced this was a solid idea, I have started writing her story. The working title is simply, The Doll Maker. I am not going to divulge the story, but I am certain fans of Paper Boats will be just as engaged and excited after experiencing Annie’s journey. I hope to have this book written within seven months, maybe sooner. Stay tuned!

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