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"Erndell Scott's writing captivates the reader who becomes Otto's companion as he struggles to survive the horrors of war and learns that despite the atrocities, acceptance, compassion, camaraderie and love exist even in those souls we oppose. Otto's experience is relevant in our own lives as well, as each of us navigate the complexities of life seeking enduring friendship and joys as simple as sailing paper boats."  



- Megan Rosende

Defense Contractor Scottsdale, AZ

The Doll Maker

I have been flirting with an idea for a sequel to Paper Boats for some time now, about three years after beginning Otto’s story. One of my good fans called me the other day and wondered if I had ever thought about writing the book from Annie's (A character in Paper Boats) perspective. I pondered the idea for a spell and soon became mad I had not thought of it. Never underestimate the influence of your audience. It’s a great idea but it isn’t really a sequel. It’s not even a prequel. It’s kind of an “equel”, which isn’t a word. But since her story takes place at the same time Otto’s does, it’s a logical name. I think writing her story would add greater depth and understanding of a very emotional journey experienced by those that have read Paper Boats. Convinced this was a solid idea, I have started writing her story. The working title is simply, The Doll Maker. I am not going to divulge the story, but I am certain fans of Paper Boats will be just as engaged and excited after experiencing Annie’s journey. I hope to have this book written within seven months, maybe sooner. Stay tuned!


by Erndell Scott

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