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Born and raised in a rural town in New Jersey, Erndell Scott spent his childhood ‘imagining it’ as he ran around in the woods, built forts, played cowboys and Indians and re-lived episodes of the Saturday morning World War II saga, 'Combat!' 

Despite studying in college to be in the forestry profession, when career choice time was upon him, Erndell found himself drawn to the bigger, faster, more dynamic world of advertising. He spent years as a copywriter and art director – ‘imagining it’ as he traveled to captivating places, met interesting people and crafted work that in many cases redefined culture. 



Erndell, tired of the fast-paced lifestyle of advertising, found himself seeking an art form where he could create his own work. He turned to fiction writing and hasn’t looked back. Today, he uses his imagination to pen experiential work, such as his breakout novel 'Paper Boats.' 

Alternating his time between his rural farm in Indiana and his family home in Vermont, Erndell welcomes the quiet respite and calm of his career. The little boy of New Jersey is satisfied, playing in the woods, and 'imagining it.'

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