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Set in the desperate turmoil of Germany during the final chapter of World War II, “Paper Boats” by Erndell Scott is an emotionally intense, theatrical, suspense-driven read, examining the inevitable crossing of ideology, prejudice and faith amongst the chaos of a decimated post-war culture. As each character strives to find their own safety from enemies and persecution, two nine-year-old boys, Otto, of Jewish faith, and Joseph, a fanatical Hitler Youth, the most unlikely of partners, find themselves saviors for one another. Companions cast in deep personal conflict that is entangled with deceit and betrayal, they are swept into an unforgiving journey and become bound to each other, challenging their individual perceptions of mankind, and unbeknownst to them, their very own hearts. As their journey unfolds, Otto’s hope wanes, Joseph’s hatred swells, and without warning, the steady menace of war unleashes an evil, the likes of which they have never witnessed before.




"A spellbinding story of survival revealed one moment at a time. An amazing journey of unspeakable horrors blanketed with decades 

of enduring love and pride - 'My name is Otto Kaufmann, son of Solomon Kaufmann'."


- Melissa Wallace, Grandmother

Cleveland, OH

"This is an absolutely gripping story that is written so clearly that the history and characters come alive in the telling.”  



  - Carolyn Harris

Jericho, VT


One book at a time.

Erndell Scott is proud to partner with Together We Rise, with 20 percent of net proceeds from each ebook download benefitting homeless, parentless children. 

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